​​Alec Jones (Photographic)​ Services

Frequently I am asked to look at an old picture to see whether it can be restored. Not just tidied up for viewing on facebook, but restored to a condition where it can be re-printed and mounted in a frame.  This work often involves both a technical and an artistic challenge. Especially where faces have been damaged and have to be carefully drawn back. 

Image Processing  - This show the image before being digital processing and afterwards.  Just like film negatives - digital images need to be processed in order to get the best out of them. Use the slider to see the difference.

Photograph Restoration.

Hi Alec, 
Apologies for delay, its been a busy few weeks.
I Sent the pic to my mum and she was overjoyed with the result, and is happy for you to put the image on your website, I will also endeavour to update the initial post with before and after images to show off your work.
Once again , many thanks.
Jason R R Cockburn