​Publicity shoot May 2015

Zyka Restaurant - Website Build.

Project included all photography, text and design work.

Working with Sincero Ltd - Financial Services

Radhuni Restaurant, Ocean Road.

Forest Guest House

Publicity Images for the new Customs House website.

Commercial Work

After 25 years in Sales and Marketing, we are well placed to assist with company rebranding and image polishing. Quality images are essential for today's discerning public who are quick to spot a poor image and associate it with poor quality, whether those are the online profile pictures of your Team or Product images. Our company portfolio doesn't stop with providing quality photographs, but we can include new logos, stationary, brochures, websites and interaction into social media.

If you think your online image is looking slightly jaded or dated, don't hesitate to contact us to discuss how we could assist you in refreshing your media image.

​​​Alec Jones (Photographic)​ Services

Rat Pack Vegas - Newcastle.